Vision Makers PDX Presents

Watery Winter Dreams

A Water Themed Photoshoot
Two Days to Choose From:
February 26 or 27, 2022


Hot Winter Dreams

For our first event of 2022, Vision Makers PDX is doing something special! This elegant water photoshoot will be in a luxurious, 7 person, heated spa. Your session will be done in a private, covered outdoor setting, in a semi enclosed heated area.  – Imagine adding to your portfolio professional images of yourself sounded in beautiful moving water.

You will have access to a premium stereo system so you can bring your own music to set the mood for your shoot. You will immerse yourself in a brand new Vita Spa, with the water temperature set to cozy 101 degrees so you will stay warm no matter how cold the weather may be outside. In addition the surrounding area will be warmed with propane heaters to keep you comfortable when you exit the spa.


For this shoot you will share a 90 min session between you and one other model. This will net you approximately 45min in front of the camera. There will also be a wall mounted monitor so you will be able to view your images on the spot, as we shoot. And yes, there is complimentary, high speed WiFi for you to use. We will edit the top images for you and you will receive them via a digital download link approximately 2-3 weeks after the photoshoot. 

All this for only $49!



• An elegant water photoshoot
• Shot in a luxurious 7 person heated spa
• Private, covered outdoor setting, in a semi enclosed heated area
• Shot in a brand new Vita Spa
• Accessible stairs (extra wide)
• Premium stereo system to set your mood
• Professional photographer and studio equipment
• Edited digital images for you to keep
• Wall mounted video monitor to view your images on the spot
• 90 min session shared between two models



The event is at a private home located in Oregon City. Once you purchase your ticket you will receive a confirmation email with the address.
Plan on bringing with you to the shoot:
• A change of clothes
• A swimsuit to wear for the photoshoot*
• 2 -3 towels to dry off with
• A warm robe (Terry cloth) to wear before & after you go into the spa
• Flip flops or water shoes
• If you have long hair, you may want to bring an extra towel
• Water proof makeup if you plan on submersing your face completely 
You will share a 90 min session with another model. So you will either have the first 45min or the last 45min. We have reserved a 2 hour block in which to accomplish both 45 min sessions. This will allow time for drying, changing, and viewing of your images. However, please plan on staying for the entire 2 hour block of time. 
We highly recommend you arrive by your check-in time. Remember, you are reserving time with the photographer. As such we are not able to allow your session to go over into the next session. Please plan ahead accordingly. No refunds will be issued.
The short answer is no. This event is not about producing a ton of random images. It is about creating great, high-quality images. That being said you will receive ‘many’ images; in line with what our previous events have brought you. – Approximately 10-15 professionally edited images.


Here are some ideas of things you can wear over your bathing suit to enhance your shoot, or as an alternative to a bathing suit:
• A SIMPLE DRESS – Look for one that is light and flowy. A sold bright color or a simple pattern that works well with your specific skin tone.
• A WHITE BUTTON DOWN SHIRT – A simple white shirt, or even a colored shirt.
• A SCARF – You want one that is long and wide. Something you can wrap around your shoulders and body with. It should enhance the style you are going for. 
• A SIMPLE PEICE OF FABRIC – Shop at a fabric store and purchase a few yards. you want to have enough to completely, and fully wrap around your body twice. (you want extra)
• BATHING SUITE COVER UP – Some cover ups (think lace) would look great wet.
• LINGERIE – If you are looking for a hot sexy glam look, lingerie might be for you. Please make sure you are comfortable with how shear the fabric might look once it gets wet – OR as an alternative, you could wear it over your swim suit.

The point to all of these ideas is this; You are only limited by your imagination!  The VISION and direction is totally up to you. There are no rules to box you in. Let your imagination run free.

We also strongly suggest shopping second hand stores. Look for fabrics that look good wet. You also need to make sure that the fabric will not fall apart when it gets wet. Test your items before hand by placing all or part of them in some water. PLEASE BE AWARE – We will not allow any items that may bleed color to be worn. ALSO you may not wear any item that has glitter or embellishments, such as feathers sequins or any items that can come off during the shoot.