Custom Corsets with Phoenix On Fire Sewing
March 20, 2021

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Vision Makers PDX

A Custom-Fitted Corset Designed Just For You!

For our March event, Vision Makers PDX is offering something fantastic. We will be working with Donna L. Mentzer, owner of Phoenix On Fire Sewingto bring you an experience that you don’t want to miss! This opportunity allows you to work with a local designer to bring ‘your vision’ for a corset to light. This ‘Pro Session’ includes a Model workshop fromiModelsNW, Hair & MakeUp, and the experience of wearing a custom-fitted corset to your photoshoot. These are high quality, custom creations. Just the sewing of your corset can take up to a full week to complete. In addition, your ticket will give you access and the opportunity option to buy your custom-made corset at a discounted price! And it gets even better; Vision Makers PDX will even kick in some money towards the purchase of your corset! That’s one of the benefits of being a Vision Maker!


The PRO SESSION Photo Shoot Experience – A $500+ value – You pay just $150!
• Approximately 1 hour of shooting time in front of the camera shared between two photographers.
• Each photographer has their own unique style; You get two looks!
• Model Workshop with Dee Harris – via Zoom (March 8th at 6:30 pm)
• A professional Hair & Makeup Artist
• Coaching during your photoshoot by iModelsNW
• You will be custom fitted in a basic corset from Phoenix On Fire Sewing to wear at the photoshoot.


I see multiple tickets. How do I pay for my spot?
First off, we are limited to a max of 8 models for this event. Once we are sold out there will be no additional tickets. You first select the group you want to be in A/B/C/D. Your ticket selection will define your check-in time and when your photoshoot will start. In addition, you have the option of paying for your ticket in full, or you may select a 50% deposit to hold your spot for you. This will allow you to start working with Phoenix On Fire Sewing. Any remaining balance for the ticket is due no later than March 1st. We will follow up with an email instructing you how to send us the balance for your ticket via PayPal. Please understand that due to the custom nature of this event, all ticket sales are non-refundable and non-transferable.
*NOTE: Your ticket fee is for your participation to the Vision Makers PDX Event only. If you decide to purchase a corset, that transaction will be handled separately and will be between you and Phoenix On Fire Sewing.

Do I have to purchase the corset that is made for me?
The short answer is no. However, buying a corset made from Phoenix On Fire Sewing is not about acquiring a new garment to wear. The process of having a professionally made corset is about the EXPERIENCE. If you wanted to buy a basic corset, custom-fitted and tailored to your body, the normal price starts at about $150. This level of a corset is what you will be fitted in for your photoshoot. And we promise you will look amazing in it! You get the experience that comes from all the fittings and measurements and the opportunity to look fantastic in something that has been tailored to your body. After your shoot is over, you simply return it. You are under no obligation to purchase.

What if I want to buy my corset? What if I want something special made for me?
Many of you are going to want to take advantage of this offer and buy the corset and make a truly one of a kind garment, that is YOU! If you know you want to purchase your corset let Phoenix On Fire Sewing know upfront and prior to your fitting. They will then work with you to create a one of a kind corset for you to wear. And if you do decide to purchase, some wonderful perks happen too:
• Phoenix On Fire Sewing will automatically give you $25 off their normal price!
• Vision Makers PDX will also kick in $25 towards your purchase! 
• In addition, you now have the option to add things like; pockets, beading, trimming, needlework, feathers, etc. You are only limited by your imagination! (NOTE: These items are for an additional cost)

What is the process and methodology used to have my corset made? 
Donna L. Mentzer, owner of Phoenix On Fire Sewing has answered that question for us. – Once I receive confirmation of the model’s participation, the following will occur:
• Contact will be made with the model and the entire process will be reviewed with them. I will also explain that this is not my corset it is their corset. May it be for one day or a lifetime that doesn’t matter to me. I want their passion, their ideas, their dreams, their grand “could we do this?” and I want their feelings going into this corset and process. Nothing less will do.
• 1st appointment for measurements will be scheduled. During this appointment, we “dream” about what the model has a passion for. We talk about colors, styles, ideas, presentations, and themes. This 1st meeting will take 30-40 minutes. Most of this time is sitting on my couch and talking about their vision.
• My drafter will then use the model’s measurements to complete a “mock-up” for the next fitting. This allows us to see where we need to add or reduce seams or style of corset.
• 2nd appointment will be with the “mock-up” and the review of what wonderful ideas that we both have had to make the corset even better. Most 2nd appointments are 20-30 minutes long. We do not often require another appointment, for fitting, but it does happen from time to time.
• I make the corset and work on any special request that the model has for the corset. Things like pockets, beading, trimming, needlework, feathers, etc.*
• Final fitting is to try on the finished corset to ensure comfort and ease with any additional items added to the corset.

*additional fee


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