June 19, 2021 – Photoshoot
Red, White, and Blue Smoke Bombs

colored smoke


Get ready to add some patriotic-looking images to your portfolio! Last year we tested several vendors for quality and quantity of smoke. After several rounds of testing, we have now sourced the highest quality smoke bombs so you can create the best quality images for your portfolio. For this special event, the price of admission includes colored smoke bombs! Keep in mind this event is not about producing a ton of images. In the end, it is about creating a handful of unique, and special images utilizing colored smoke. Not too many people have shots like this in their portfolio. Are you ready to add these creative shots to yours? Curious about how all this will work? – Then read on…





The event will be held at a private, outdoor venue in Banks, Oregon. We chose this venue for many reasons including its beauty, size, lighting, the MANY areas & options available to shoot at,  and the ability to keep everyone safe and follow social distancing guidelines. Here are some highlights about the location:
• This is a private location and the event will not be open to the public.
• Banks Oregon is about 12 miles North-West of Hillsboro off of Hwy 26.
• We will follow the time schedule below in order to stagger attendees.
• We will keep social distancing in place. (see below)
• Models & photographers only. No guests allowed.


View Images from some of our past photoshoots with Colored Smoke – CLICK HERE



We will have two sessions; an AM and a PM Session. Each session will have a total of four models. Each model will shoot with one of each, of the three colors; RED / WHITE / BLUE. Each colored smoke bomb will last for approximately 90 seconds. We will have up to three photographers all shooting at the same time in order to maximize those 90 seconds. Purchase your ticket for either:

AM SESSION – For the morning session there will be two groups; Group A, and Group B. Each group will be one hour long and have two models in each group. Please note your “Check-In-Time for whatever ticket you purchase. – DO NOT BE LATE!

PM SESSION – For the afternoon session there will be two groups; Group C, and Group D. Each group will be one hour long and have two models in each group. Please note your “Check-In-Time for whatever ticket you purchase. – DO NOT BE LATE!

MODELS – You will need to be ready to go, including hair, makeup, and any wardrobe when you arrive. You will only have 30 min to check-in, and to finalize any last min touch-ups. We will start with a short, 10min instruction on how to handle the smoke grenade(s) and how to move for maximum benefit. If you are late, you will miss the instructions; So don’t be late!


NOTE: we will open sales for the AM Sessions first; groups A & B. Once those are sold out we will open up Session C and D.



How Does Vision Makers PDX Keep Me Safe?

As we progress into 2021, many areas of society are starting to open back up. We want to keep everyone safe so social distancing will be in place for all aspects of our event. We chose this outdoor venue so it would be much easier for everyone to keep their distance. We believe everyone has a right to their own level of protection, but this event has min guidelines. As such there are a few rules for this event:

FACE MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES Unless you are a model in front of the camera and being actively photographed you must wear your mask (no exceptions!)
• Keep social distancing in place at a level you and the photographer agree on BEFOREHAND.
• Models will need to do their own hair & makeup.
• NO SHARING of makeup, tools, equipment clothes, drinks, food, etc. (bring what you need, don’t share)
• We will limit the number of participants to maximize social distancing.
Models & photographers only. No guests allowed. Paid attendees & staff only.
• Plan ahead – bring what you need for the event. Don’t assume someone else will be providing it for you.
Both the model and the photographer must be wearing a facemask when viewing images from the back of a camera
• Besides being required to sign a model release, there will be a COVID waiver for you to sign.
• We have a touchless thermometer and will use it during the check-in process to confirm your temperature is normal. 
• Please understand that Social Distancing rules are fluid, and as such, rules may change. We will follow the current rules in place for the county, at the time the event happens.

Anybody found to be non-compliant with the above, will not be allowed to attend any future Vision Maker Events.


Important Information

• Please arrive on time. If you are late it will minimize the number of final edited images you will receive. 
• You will be provided with approximately 10-15 professionally edited images from the shoot; from both The Eye Of Odin Photography and from Ken Schlegel Photography (20-30 total images).
• Images will be suitable for social media @110dpi (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc).
• You may use these images as you wish to promote your brand image. However, the watermark must be kept in place.

• You will need to provide your own equipment to use.
• After you purchase your ticket, we will contact you to discuss the logistics of this shoot, equipment recommendations, COVID safety protocols, and to answer any questions you may have.
• After the shoot you are invited to send us your top 5, edited images of each model you shot. You may send us more, but it must be a minimum of 5 edited images and within two weeks of the photoshoot. Upload information will be sent to you after the shoot.
• We will forward your best images to each of the models so they may promote their brand & your brand on social media.
• If you post your own images, you are required to @tag the model, #VisionMakersPDX and any other important information.
• If you do not send us images, you will not be invited back to any future shoot.



PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE FOLLOWING – The final outcome of your images are dependent on many factors. Colored smoke can be very difficult to work with. Wind and humidity will drastically change how the smoke behaves (for better or worse). Variables include; how fast the model and smoke moves, the pose,  blinks, which way the wind changes; It all happens in 90 seconds! Each camera may capture LOTS of great shots, or maybe just a handful of good images. As such, for this shoot, we can not guarantee the number of images you will come out with in the end. But we have done everything possible to maximize the possibility of getting the most out of this shoot.

Vision Makers can not be held responsible for any changes due to weather conditions. In the event we cancel the event due to truly adverse conditions, we will reschedule to an alternate date, or monies paid will be refunded; This will be at our discretion.

When we order the smoke grenades if a color is out of stock we reserve the right to substitute a different color. We have no control over the manufacture’s stock on hand. 

Notwithstanding, we will do everything we can to ensure, in the end, you get some wonderful, one-of-a-kind shots. But the reality is it will come down to weather and luck. If you understand all this, and you are okay with it, we invite you to purchase a ticket and we promise to work with you to make your Colored Smoke Bomb Photoshoot the best it possibly can be.